Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Kill Creek by Scott Thomas

Kill Creek
Title: Kill Creek
By: Scott Thomas
Published: 2017
Call #: Fic Thomas

 Kill Creek is the story of a haunted house in the vein of The Shining and The Haunting of Hill House, where it isn't ghosts that go bump in the night, but the house itself.  Four horror writers have all been invited to spend the night at the notoriously haunted Finch House as a publicity stunt for a pop culture website.  It seems easy enough, especially when the interview for the website seems to be the only terrifying thing they've faced so far.  In fact, by the time the night is over, nothing has happened at all and the authors leave Finch House unscathed....or so they think.  The true horrors begin as whatever lives in the house follows them home.  The group soon realizes that the only way to return to their normal lives is to return to Finch House and figure out what's going on.  The house, however, has no intention of letting go without a fight. 

While the book did not leave me sleeping with the lights on and has a slow buildup to the horror elements, it was an enjoyable read.  The second half of the book is worth the time it takes to get there.  This book is equal parts psychological horror and slasher with a delightful surprise on the last page.  Kill Creek felt like a classic haunted house book that fans of the genre will appreciate.

Mary-Megan K.
Popular Materials Assistant

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

IQ by Joe Ide

IQ (IQ, #1)
Title: IQ
Author: Joe Ide
Published: 2016
Call #: FIC/Ide

IQ by Joe Ide is the first in this mystery series.  Long Beach resident Isaiah Quintabe, aka IQ, aka "Sherlock in the Hood" has taken it upon himself to solve crimes in his neighborhood.  He's a loner, with a fierce wit, relentless determination and a soft heart--often letting clients pay with what they can afford.  When his on again/off again friend, Juanelle Dodson, brings IQ a high paying client, IQ takes the case.  Rap mogul Calvin Wright is being hunted and needs to figure out who is trying to kills him.  The list of suspects is long and varied: a vengeful ex-wife, a crew of cutthroats and a hit man that scares other hit men.  The deeper Isaiah digs, the more dangerous the case becomes.  If you enjoy Sherlock Holmes, you'll love this new series.  Poplar Creek also owns the sequel, Righteous, so check out both today!

Lynn D
Popular Materials Librarian

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

White Houses by Amy Bloom

Title: White Houses
Author: Amy Bloom
Published: 2018

White Houses  is a story about how love isn't always enough to see you through, but the strength of a friendship can power a relationship even when love fades.  While the story highlights the relationship between Eleanor Roosevelt and her husband,  President Franklin Roosevelt, the main focus is not on their relationship, but rather the one Eleanor has with AP reporter Lorena Hickok.    The book is a fictionalized account of the unique, decades-long, relationship between the First Lady and the "first friend."   The book is told from "Hick's" perspective and reads as if the actual Lorena Hickok had written the novel as her own memoir.   The novel begins in 1945, after FDR's death, when Eleanor has summoned Lorena back to her side one more time. The reader learns about their relationship through a series of flashback stories, often tied to major historical events such as the Lindbergh kidnapping.  The book can be slow at times, but it definitely holds the readers interest throughout story. A definite read for fans of Amy Bloom, Eleanor Roosevelt or historical fiction in general.

Jill B
Popular Materials Manager

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Swimming with Bridgeport Girls by Anthony Tambakis

Swimming with Bridgeport Girls

Title: Swimming with Bridgeport Girls
Author: Anthony Tambakis
Published: 2017
Call #:  Overdrive 

You can say a lot of things about Ray Parisi, but you can not say he is a quitter--even when the odds are stacked against him.  This is a hilarious story of a man who manages to lose everything: his wife, house, career, friends and yes, even his dog.  A former ESPN show host with a knack for sports, Ray tries his luck  at this local casino, betting on everything from the over/under on a game score to the color shirt the announcer will wear. It doesn't go well.  When it seems everyone is completely fed up, Ray turns to Las Vegas in the hopes of winning everything back.  Even though you get to know the character as a vulgar loser,  you will still find yourself rooting for Ray to win it all back.  Will Ray be able to win back the love of his life?  Has his luck finally changed?  No matter the outcome,  you'll find yourself laughing all the way to the final roll of the dice. 

Erin S.
Popular Materials Librarian

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Ginny Moon by Benjamin Ludwig

Ginny Moon

Title: Ginny Moon
Author: Benjamin Ludwig
Published: 2017
Call #: Fic Ludwig

Meet Ginny Moon, she's 14 and has Autism.  She's also on her fourth foster home, her fourth "forever" home, but this one is different--this one has people who will love her no matter what.  Ginny struggles to communicate with the world around her and has many hurdles to get over after the tragic events in her past, but Ginny is a fighter and will not stop until she reaches the goal she's had since childhood--making things right.   I learned so much about autism from this book.  You take Ginny into your heart and root for her throughout the whole book.  The author's own experiences with adopting an autistic daughter make all the difference in terms of character development and building that sense of compassion the reader develops for Ginny.

Michaelle S.
Popular Materials Asst.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Darkest Child by Delores Phillips


Title: The Darkest Child
Author: Delores Phillips
Published: 2004 / 2018
Call #: Fic Phillips

Set in the small town of Bakersfield, Georgia in the late fifties and early sixties, The Darkest Child is the story of Tangy Mae Quinn, her nine siblings, and their mother Rozelle. Due to her dark skin, Tangy Mae is considered ugly by her light-skinned mother, but she's the smartest of the ten children and is given a chance to be a part of the first integrated class at the formerly all-white high school.

Rozelle exerts a violent hold over her children and her cruelty is horrific. She has made all of the children older the Tangy quit school and go to work. She forces her daughters into prostitution and makes her sons give up all of their wages to help support the household, yet she fears abandonment and can't seem to understand why her children leave her as soon as they can.

Originally published in 2004, this is a new edition of Delores Phillips' award-winning novel that contains an introduction written by Tayari Jones, author of An American Marriage. The 2018 edition also includes an excerpt from a sequel left unfinished at the time of the author's death and a book group discussion guide.

While this book is disturbing in many ways, it is also a captivating coming-of-age novel set in the pre-Civil Rights South. Rozelle's terrible abuse of her children is hard to read, but when the reason behind it becomes clear, it is much too late to sympathize with the character. The story is grim but gripping, a vivid portrayal of the south in the last days of segregation.

Annette B.
Popular Materials Assistant

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

My Lady's Choosing : An Interactive Romance Novel by Kitty Curran and Larissa Zageris


Title: My Lady's Choosing : An Interactive Romance Novel
By: Kitty Curran and Larissa Zageris
Published: 2018
Call #: Fic Curran

This book plays on the nostalgia of the "Choose Your Own Adventure" books from the '80s with a romantic twist. "You" are the protagonist of an adventure set in the nineteenth-century. Working as a lady's companion to a cranky old woman, you attend a ball hoping or new prospects. There your options blossom and the story heads off in whatever direction you the reader decide. You can turn to the Scotsman, become a governess to a mysterious man, stick around to explore the "ton," or become a traveling companion to a good friend. Each story has its own little action-adventure and choices that take you all over the book. If you've never read a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book before, when a scene ends, you're given a choice of where you want the story to go and each option leads you to a different page in the book (like option A goes to page 137 but option B goes to page 88 so the pages are not read in order). Depending on what story-line you take, this book delves into a number of sub-genres around the historical genre theme. This work is all inclusive as it has a highlander romance, one that feels Gothic, a regency plot, and even a lesbian romance. It's easy enough to see what theme direction each story is heading if you're in the mood for one over the other.

This book is all about fun and does not seem to take itself too seriously. It plays off of some romantic cliches and has a playful quality that original "Choose Your Own Adventure" books had. Readers who take their romances seriously might not enjoy this book, but if you like chick lit and a chuckle with your romance, it would be worth picking up this adventure.

Mary-Megan K.
Popular Materials Assistant

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Into the Black by Meg Gardiner

Into the Black Nowhere (UNSUB, #2)
Title: Into the Black Nowhere
Author: Meg Gardiner
Call # FIC/GAR

The second books in Meg Gardiner's Unsub series reunites readers with Caitlin Hendrix, former Narcotics detective turned rookie FBI agent.  She has just been assigned to the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit and sent to Texas, where young women are going missing without a trace.  
After finding two bodies in the woods, surrounded by photographs and dressed in white negligees, Caitlin begins to build a profile of the killer.  He is cold and confidant, apparently able to convince his victims to trust him implicitly.  The main suspect is Kyle Detrick, a handsome, suave, real estate agent with a winning smile and flat gray eyes.  When Caitlin attempts to "get into his head,"  he displays a terrifying ability to hone in on her own weaknesses.....

Inspired by the true story of serial killer Ted Bundy, Into the Black Nowhere, is an exciting ride tha takes the reader from Texas to Oregon, culminating in a cat and mouse game between Caitlin, the FBI and a dangerous killer.  This unnerving story of a cold, calculating predator and the young FBI agent hot on his trail, this latest entry in the Unsub series is sure to please Gardiner's fans and others who love a good thriller.    

Annette B
Popular Materials Assistant

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Now That You Mention It by Kristan Higgins

Now That You Mention It
Title: Now That You Mention It
Author: Kristan Higgins
Published: 2017
Call #: FIC/HIG

Dr. Nora Stuart is having the  Worst. Day. Ever.   First she gets hit by a van and gets taken to the ER at the hospital she works at.  While she's there, she overhears her boyfriend telling another doctor that he was going to break up with Nora that very weekend.    Seeking to get away from it all, Nora returns to her hometown of Scupper Island, Maine, but things don't go as well as she hoped.   Her welcome isn't all that warm.   Nora’s mom Sharon still lives on the Island and it's clear that she doesn't want Nora around.
Wanting to know why her mother has seemingly always rejected her, and wanting to get to know her niece, Nora becomes determined to right the wrongs of her past and forge a new path in life. 

Written in Higgins's signature style, this is the ideal book for a lazy Sunday, a beach read or just when you want to escape from it all.  

Jill  B.
Popular Materials Manager

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Rosie Project by Graeme C. Simsion

The Rosie Project (Don Tillman, #1)
Title: The Rosie Project
By: Graeme C. Simsion
Call #: FIC SIM

While The Rosie Project might be categorized as a romance novel, it might fool you for most of the book.  Don Tillman is a genetics professor and nowhere near what you would call a romantic individual.  After an offhand comment from a colleague, Tillman sets off on a quest to meet his perfect match.  Don is very calculated and believes that by using his own special set of parameters, he will indeed find his perfect match.  After all, statistically speaking, there must be a match for everyone and as such, the  Wife Project is born. 

 He meets Rosie Jarman. Rosie is searching for her biological father, something which Don would most definitely be qualified to assist. Don jumps to assist her, and the Father Project is born.  The Wife Project falls by the wayside as an unlikely relationship blooms--after all, had Rosie taken Don’s test, she would most definitely have failed! What Don doesn’t realize is chemistry is more complicated than genetics. This is a hilarious read starring the most unlikely couple. Pick it up to see where the Wife Project, the Father Project, and The Rosie Project end up!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

To Die But Once by Jaqueline Winspear

To Die but Once (Maisie Dobbs, #14)
Title: To Die But Once
By: Jaqueline Winspear
Published: 2018
Call Number: FIC/Win

Spring 1940.  Months after declaring war on Germany, Britain is confronted with one of the bleakest moments in the war--much of their army is trapped between the ocean and the blitzkreig of the German army--in a place called Dunkirk.  Investigator/Psychologist Maisie Dobbs is experiencing her own troubles at the same time.  While investigating the disappearance of a young apprentice who has been working on a top secret government project, Maisie discovers that someone close to her has made a terrible decision that will alter his life forever.  Readers of the series will not be disappointed in this 14th installment of Maisie's story.  New readers to the series will be able to read this novel as a standalone book, although reading the previous books will give the new reader a greater insight into the characters' backstories.  Fans of Laurie King, Rhys Bowen, Louise Penny and Alan Bradley will love this cozy mystery.

Michaelle S.
Popular Materials Asst.