Thursday, January 18, 2018

Maximum Volume: the Life of Beatles Producer George Martin, the Early Years 1926-1966 by Kenneth Womack


Title: Maximum Volume: The Life of Beatles Producer George Martin, the Early Years 1926-1966.
    By: Kenneth Womack
    Published: 2017
    Call #: 782.42166 WOM

  This biography gives the reader a glimpse into the mind and the man who was behind the music of one of the greatest bands in history--The Beatles.  The life of George Martin and those of the Beatles came together in a fascinating and remarkable way to create the most exceptional music both artistically and commercially.  The early experiences of George Martin, his career and life choices alike make him THE man to produce the Beatles.  In this first book of two, the reader discovers how Martin made a name for himself as a producer while simultaneously saving Parlophone Records from ruin. The most riveting parts of the biography delve into Martin's discovery of and relationship with the Beatles.  It was Martin, with the Beatles, who created the job of “producer” that we know today; someone with artistic and technical background who could arrange music and bring musical suggestions to the group.  He was the first great music producer and his story is just as interesting as that of the Beatles themselves.  If you love the Beatles, George Martin,  pop music, or rock’n’roll or just biographies read this book!

Michaelle S.
Popular Materials Assistant