Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Next Year in Havana by Chanel Cleeton

Title: Next Year in Havana
Author: Chanel Cleeton
Pub. Date 2018
Call Number: af/Clee

Love. Passion. Secrets. Revolution. Revelation.  This book has it all. 

Havana, 1958.  Elisa Perez is the sheltered 19 year old daughter of a sugar baron and a member of Cuban high society.  Her brother has been cast out of the family due to his revolutionary ideals and Eliza and her sisters are forbidden from having anything to do with him or the other revolutionists.  But the sisters have ideas of their own and Eliza begins a clandestine love affair with a passionate revolutionary.

Havana, 2017.  Freelance writer Marisol Ferrera has traveled to Cuba just as political relations are relaxing between Cuba and the U.S.  She comes to Cuba to scatter the ashes of her grandmother, Elisa, in the homeland she loved.  While in Cuba, Marisol meets her grandmother's best friend and begins to learn the truth about why her grandmother left Cuba behind. Marisol falls in love with the beauty that is Cuba at the same time she is falling in love with a man with secrets of his own.

I could not put this book down.  Cleeton does a masterful job of making the reader feel as if they were walking the streets of Cuba along with Marisol and her grandmother.  Highly recommended for readers of romance or general fiction.

Jill B.
Popular Materials Manager