Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Ginny Moon by Benjamin Ludwig

Ginny Moon

Title: Ginny Moon
Author: Benjamin Ludwig
Published: 2017
Call #: Fic Ludwig

Meet Ginny Moon, she's 14 and has Autism.  She's also on her fourth foster home, her fourth "forever" home, but this one is different--this one has people who will love her no matter what.  Ginny struggles to communicate with the world around her and has many hurdles to get over after the tragic events in her past, but Ginny is a fighter and will not stop until she reaches the goal she's had since childhood--making things right.   I learned so much about autism from this book.  You take Ginny into your heart and root for her throughout the whole book.  The author's own experiences with adopting an autistic daughter make all the difference in terms of character development and building that sense of compassion the reader develops for Ginny.

Michaelle S.
Popular Materials Asst.