Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Into the Black by Meg Gardiner

Into the Black Nowhere (UNSUB, #2)
Title: Into the Black Nowhere
Author: Meg Gardiner
Call # FIC/GAR

The second books in Meg Gardiner's Unsub series reunites readers with Caitlin Hendrix, former Narcotics detective turned rookie FBI agent.  She has just been assigned to the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit and sent to Texas, where young women are going missing without a trace.  
After finding two bodies in the woods, surrounded by photographs and dressed in white negligees, Caitlin begins to build a profile of the killer.  He is cold and confidant, apparently able to convince his victims to trust him implicitly.  The main suspect is Kyle Detrick, a handsome, suave, real estate agent with a winning smile and flat gray eyes.  When Caitlin attempts to "get into his head,"  he displays a terrifying ability to hone in on her own weaknesses.....

Inspired by the true story of serial killer Ted Bundy, Into the Black Nowhere, is an exciting ride tha takes the reader from Texas to Oregon, culminating in a cat and mouse game between Caitlin, the FBI and a dangerous killer.  This unnerving story of a cold, calculating predator and the young FBI agent hot on his trail, this latest entry in the Unsub series is sure to please Gardiner's fans and others who love a good thriller.    

Annette B
Popular Materials Assistant