Thursday, October 18, 2018

The Little Shop of Found Things by Paula Brackston

The Little Shop of Found Things (The Little Shop of Found Things #1)

 Xanthe has always has a special gift--antique items "sing" to her and she's able to sense something of their past and the stories they hold.  Xanthe and her mother, Fiona, move to rural England to take over an antique shop.  While shopping for inventory, she discovers a silver chatelaine (key ring) that calls to her.  After bringing the chatelaine home, Xanthe sets about restoring the chatelaine and is transported back to the 17th century.  Startled, she thinks of her mother and is instantly sent home--only to find herself face to face with the resident ghost.   The ghost reveals to Xanthe the origins of the chatelaine, an injustice done that's tied to the chatelaine and tasks her with saving an innocent girl's life.  Xanthe resists at first, fearing being permanently separated from her mother, but the ghost threatens Flora's life and Xanthe reluctantly agrees to go back to 1605.

When Xanthe arrives back in 1605, she meets architect Samuel Abbleby, who has a connection both to the innocent victim and to the home that Xanthe now owns in the future.  He is the one person who can help her succeed with her quest, but he's also the one person she's reluctant to leave.  The book ends rather abruptly and without good closure on the relationship between Samuel and Xanthe.  The ending seems to indicate a sequel, which is good, because I have to know how Xanthe's story ends!

Jill B.
Popular Materials Manager