Monday, November 12, 2018

The Glass Ocean by Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig, and Karen White

The Glass Ocean

Title: The Glass Ocean
By: Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig & Karen White
Published: 2018
Call #: FIC Williams

Three of the best-selling historical fiction writers come together to tell the story of three women whose future is tied to the famous ship sunk during World War I--the Lusitania.   Each author is the voice of one of the three main characters, although it is not easy to tell who is writing for who.  This made the story feel a little disjointed; if that bothers you, keep reading, the story has a twist you don't see coming.

The story opens in 2013 with best-selling author Sarah looking for her next big book--fast.  She takes care of her mother, who has Alzheimer's and money is running out.  One day she remembers a box that her mother never wanted her to open--thinking she'll find inspiration in the box, Sarah opens it and finds artifacts left by her great-great-grandfather, who was on the ship when it went down.  Using those artifacts as the jumping off point, Sarah sets out to do as much research as she can about her ancestor and the ship.

The story then flashes back to 1915 and Caroline is on the boat with her less than attentive husband.  Caroline runs into an old friend who she carries a torch for and his attention complicates her life.  To make matters worse, she sees her husband and her "friend" together and doesn't know why.

The last character, Tess, is a 2nd class passenger on this ship and returning home to Devon.  She and her sister Ginny are master forgers, with Tess being the forger and Ginny the seller.  They are on the boat to forge an important piece of music for a buyer.  Tess wants out of this life, but Ginny pulls her in one last time.

If you're looking for a story chock full of period detail, romance, passion, duplicity and espionage, you've found the right book.  Happy reading.