Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The Christmas Wishing Tree by Emily March


Title: The Christmas Wishing Tree
By: Emily March
Published: 2018
Call #: Fic March

All Riley wants for Christmas is a dad. When someone gives him a number that is allegedly Santa’s, he puts in a request. The phone number, however, is not to Santa but to Devin Murphy in Eternity Springs who plays along and talks to the young boy. Jenna, Riley’s mother, meanwhile, is dealing with a stalker who pulls pranks that threaten her sanity and eventual safety. A year and a half after the initial call to Santa, Jenna and Riley head to Eternity Springs for shelter from the stalker that has them on the run. When she finally meets Devin and shares her troubles, the spark is undeniable. He then enlists the help of the town to solve her problems. The town, though, might not be able to help their matters of the heart, though, as Devin is torn between family and love in Eternity Springs and the call of the ocean that he grew up with. It might take a Christmas miracle for everyone to get their happily ever after.

While this is the fifteenth book in the series, it can definitely be read as a standalone. There are hints of the other couples from the series, so fans will appreciate the continuation and newcomers will have their interest peaked. Devin first appeared in book four, so it has been great to see him grow up. The conflict in the novel does wrap up a little too quickly, but the overall story is worth the read.

Mary-Megan K. 
Popular Materials Asst.